3 Ways Technology Can Bridge the Gap Between HR & Deskless Workers

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Over the past few years, HR departments have been challenged by a widening disconnect with their deskless workers, specifically due to poor communication, training, and accessibility. These deskless workers do not feel engaged at work, and 84% feel that they do not get enough communication from management. This leaves HR managers facing a million-dollar question: how can they foster a productive, profitable, and engaged workplace among their deskless workers?

Understanding the Disconnect Between Deskless Workers and HR

Understanding the Disconnect Between Deskless Workers and HR

It is easy to forget that there are workers out there who do not have access to a computer or the internet. They work in the field or in fast-paced environments that necessitate them to be constantly mobile and always on the go. They are called “deskless workers,” and they make up 80% of the global workforce. And as you can imagine, the fact that these workers don’t have access to technological resources and are dispersed across locations can make it extremely difficult for HR to stay in touch with them.

HR needs to reshape deskless workers’ experience by leveraging technology and engaging employees through:

Instant Two-Way Communication

Instant Two-Way Communication

As HR struggles to stay up-to-date in real-time with deskless employees, mobile app technology provides an instant solution. For starters, it can help to keep everyone connected and up-to-date with what’s going on. By using tools like instant messaging, HR can easily share updates, policies, procedures, and other important information with deskless workers. This helps to ensure that everyone is on the same page and has access to the same resources.

Your Albert, for example, leverages technology to deliver your messages to the right person at the right moment. Messages are no longer lost to overflowing inboxes or long feeds, which reflects 49% of employees who have trouble locating documents. Data is also protected and secured, eliminating any chance of security leaks. With studies proving a highly engaged workforce is 21% more profitable, investing in the right communication tools is a no-brainer.

Learn more about how Albert can help improve communication in your workplace.

On-The-Go Mobile Learning

On-The-Go Mobile Learning

With an employee’s skill level directly correlating to a business’s productivity, in-house training is imperative. This is where mobile app technology can accommodate the learning needs of deskless workers anytime and anywhere. Your Albert utilizes short training activities as a teaching tool on the go. Employees have access to exercises that promote information recall, encouraging efficient onboarding, immediate engagement, and optimal use of data. No worker is left behind, ultimately improving employee satisfaction and deterring high turnover rates. Mobile learning is said to improve productivity by 43% whilst leaders reported a 55% improvement in their business after embracing the technology. It’s a win-win investment.

Discover how to train and upskill your entire team from their smartphones with Albert’s online training solutions.

Autonomous Management and Easy Accessibility

Autonomous Management and Easy Accessibility

With the average smartphone owner checking their phone 221 times per day, the greatest tool for deskless employees is right at their fingertips. Mobile workplace solutions simultaneously provide an autonomous management system for HR, allowing them to tailor their content and manage users freely. Employees have access to information without delay which is especially important when an estimated 78% of deskless workers consider the availability of technology when selecting a job. Being away from the office is no longer an issue, with 76% of employees surveyed bringing their own devices to work.

Moreover, technology can also play a big role in tracking employee performance. By tracking hours worked, task completion times, and other key metrics, HR can get a better understanding of which employees are meeting targets and which ones need more support. This information can then be used to create targeted training programs that will help deskless workers improve their performance.

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Implementing a Mobile Technology Solution

Overall, technology has a lot to offer when it comes to bridging the gap between HR and deskless workers. With the right tools in place, both groups can work more effectively and collaboratively towards common goals. Here are a few things to keep in mind when implementing a mobile technology solution:

  • Ease of Use: The solution should be easy for both HR and deskless workers to use. If it’s too complicated, no one will use it.
  • Accessibility: The solution should be accessible from any device, whether it’s a desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.
  • Scalability: The solution should be able to scale as your company grows.
  • Customer Support: Make sure the solution you choose offers excellent customer support in case you have any questions or run into any problems.

Once you have a technology solution in place, you’ll be able to take advantage of all the benefits we discussed earlier, like increased communication, better engagement, and improved compliance.

Albert is a mobile technology solution designed to help HR managers keep up with today’s fast-paced and competitive landscape by helping them manage, upskill, and engage their teams in real-time.


When it comes to bridging the gap between HR and deskless employees, leveraging technology is the way of the future. When both deskless employees and HR have access to the information and resources they need at their fingertips, businesses are futureproofing their operations and ensuring their success.


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