5 Strategies for Maximizing Employee Performance

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Today, companies across all industry sectors are working to enhance employee performance. While there’s no easy way to boost productivity, there are several changes you can make to benefit both your workforce and your business. 

5 Tips to Boost Your Employees’ Performance

Introduce a Mobile Training Solution ​

The days of forcing your staff to sit through a full day of training are long gone. Mobile training, an education tool designed for smartphones, is the latest teaching trend. More than a third of companies are shifting toward mobile learning, and this rate is expected to grow in the coming years. 

More flexible, engaging, efficient, accessible, and affordable than traditional training, mobile learning is an ideal teaching tool to enhance employee performance, especially if you employ millennials. Individuals of this generation are among the highest users of smartphones in the world and will represent 75% of the global workforce by 2025. According to a recent survey, 92% of millennials own a smartphone and 25% look at it more than 100 times a day

A mobile training solution is even more effective when offered in a bite-size format called microlearning. Microlearning, which consists in completing daily modules of 10 minutes or less, helps fight the forgetting curve and avoid issues related to short attention spans. In other words, your employees learn better and faster through microtraining. 

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Provide Continuous Training, Without an Intermediary

It’s very difficult to keep your employees’ skills up to date with traditional training. The business world is increasingly fast-paced, and information shared during semi-annual or annual training sessions is outdated in no time. 

Whether you’re introducing a new product or service or announcing the launch of a new branch or store, mobile learning gives you the freedom to quickly change or update your content. No need to wait until the next training session or rely on an intermediary or various communication channels. Simply transfer the information to your company’s different departments uniformly, when and where you want.

When they have the company’s continuous support and access to the most current data available, your employees will be at their peak level of performance. 

Coach Your Employees

Senior employees are often valuable wells of information. Unfortunately, they rarely have time to share their expertise with new recruits.

While mobile learning can’t replace years of experience, it does allow you to offer everyone ongoing training on specific topics. Mobile training allows you to impart valuable knowledge on different subjects (e.g., sales, after-sales services, technical support), tell your business story, and engage users through gamification.

For example, with these personalization tools, you can create scenarios inspired by real-life situations to teach your staff how to approach an unhappy client. At the end of a training module on new software, you can include a quiz to immediately determine if your new recruit has understood the basics. 

With the company’s continuous support, your employees will feel included. Their performance will improve and their motivation will grow, which in turn will strengthen their loyalty.

Involve Your Employees in Your Training Strategy

In some companies, the executives and field staff have very different work realities. The higher-ups sometimes have trouble understanding their staff’s daily experiences. As a result, corporate training is not always applicable to the real-life challenges employees face.

Mobile learning allows you to involve all members of your organization in your training strategy. For example, with the Albert app, you can request feedback from your employees to create the very best training possible. How? Thanks to the user comments submitted after each training module. 

With Albert, you have the added advantage of being able to analyze your employees’ results in real time. Did the majority of your workforce fail a quiz? Review the module and assign it again at a later date to help them improve.

Involving your employees in your brand’s training strategy is a great way to bring out the best in them. Why? Because it makes them feel like their opinions really count.

Reward Your Employees

An employee who is rewarded for a job well done will undeniably work more efficiently. They’ll want to be recognized by their colleagues and superiors as the strongest member of their team. With a mobile learning solution like Albert, introducing rewards is easy.

Users are asked to complete a self-evaluation after every training module. They also complete a quiz and get points with every correct answer. Once they’ve accumulated enough points, they level up. 

As these points are visible to everyone, users feel compelled to improve their scores and increase their ranking within the organization—and maybe even take first place! 

Every company can choose how to reward their star employees. A simple and efficient way to recognize excellence is to elect an employee of the month and conduct an interview, which will then be disseminated throughout the company. You could also reward your highest-performing staff with bonuses or gifts at the end of the year. 

With training tools focused on skill development, you get more efficient and motivated workers. They want to work hard because it pays off.

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A Mobile Learning Solution Tailored to Your Objectives

Regardless of the solution you’d like to implement, it’s important to ensure that it will increase employee engagement, boost motivation, and improve skill development. You can do all this and more with a mobile learning solution like Albert. Its technology is tried and tested, easy to implement, and much more effective than traditional training.

Learn more about how you can upskill your entire team with Albert’s mobile training solution.


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