Digitalize Employee Behavior

Gain insights on employee engagement to scale up success and accomplish business objectives. 

Measure Employee Performance

Scale each employee’s abilities by tracking and measuring their performance, such as productivity, so you can transform them into actionable business insights. 

Export Valuable Statistics

Run the gamut of diving deeper into employee performance by collecting, downloading, filtering, and sharing key metrics and data on user behavior to drive long-term growth. 

Manage With Confidence

Our Analytics Dashboard aggregates and digitalizes user responses and results to help you with workforce performance management. 

Our Analytics Dashboard
Offers You:

Ensure optimal employee performance

A few statistics
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The Albert Ecosystem

The Albert platform can be split into two distinct parts.

The App

This part is designed to be used by all users. Here, you’ll find all the default tools and options necessary for content distribution, user posting, and messaging alongside feedback and rankings. These features are intended to drive employee participation.

Content Management System

The other part of the Albert platform can be accessed by those in the company with admin access and is used for tools such as the content manager, analytics dashboard, and more to track employee performance.

Learn about Albert’s other features

Content Distribution

Create and distribute content that is tailored to your organization’s goals to ensure that everyone has what they need to operate efficiently. 


Training on the go is made easier with mobile learning. Train employees on multiple topics, using rich media on mobile devices, even when they’re not at work.

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