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Why better tech tools are vital for deskless workers.

INTRODUCTION Technology now enables people to connect anytime, anywhere, to anyone in the world, from any device. This is dramatically changing the way people work, facilitating 24/7, collaboration with colleagues, who are dispersed across time zone, countries, and continents –

6 of Today’s Common Deskless Worker Challenges

Introduction The majority of the world’s population does not work at a desk. In fact, over 80% of the global workforce (2.7 billion people worldwide), is deskless. They are often the first and most direct representatives of their company. We rely

Microlearning How to boost any team
Microlearning: How to boost any team performance in 10 minutes per day

Introduction You don’t get high grades without studying for it. It’s very much true for employees too. Learning and development are usually viewed as time-consuming and costly. When employees are not trained, their knowledge becomes obsolete and they lose their

What are the advantages of a white label solution?
What are the advantages of a white label solution?

Microtraining applications are extremely popular these days. They not only improve employees’ skills, but also increase productivity and job satisfaction. When the time comes to choose a microtraining product for your business, you can build one yourself or opt for