Microlearning: A solution to Short Employee Attention Spans

Table of Contents Introduction Did you know that a person starts to lose concentration after only 10 minutes? That’s why in-house training courses lasting several hours aren’t very effective at ensuring long-term recall. Fortunately, there’s an easy solution: mobile training in

How to Gradually Change Employee Habits

Table of Contents Introduction You can’t change your employees’ habits overnight. It takes patience, a good amount of willpower, and above all, the right tools. For business owners, the best approach is to position yourself as an internal influencer. The

Your employees must get the right information
Your Employees Must Get the Right Information

In light of recent events linked to Covid-19, companies have realised how paramount it is to: communicate the right content at the right time, keep everyone engaged when no one can travel or even go to work, show their employees

5 Tips to Boost Your Employees’ Performance

Table of Contents Introduction Today, companies across all industry sectors are working to enhance employee performance. While there’s no easy way to boost productivity, there are several changes you can make to benefit both your workforce and your business.  Cellphones