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Mobile learning: Myths and facts

23 July 2021

Today, mobile learning (or m-learning) is used by many organizations around the world. As the name implies, mobile learning consists of training delivered via mobile devices, mainly smartphones. Despite its growing popularity, there are still many misconceptions about this type of training. Common myths about mobile learning Mobile learning is brand new False. Mobile learning […]

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How to reinforce positive health and safety behaviour at work

29 June 2021

In addition to having serious consequences on the lives of employees and their families, work-related accidents are costly for companies. According to the International Labour Organization (ILO), occupational health and safety incidents account for 3.94 percent of global gross domestic product each year. While the causes of accidents vary from one industry to another, there are […]

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How to foster your employees’ sense of belonging

31 May 2021

The concept of belonging has been getting a lot of attention in the business world in recent years, and with good reason—a growing amount of evidence suggests that a strong sense of belonging among employees is vital for the overall health of an organization. What does it mean to have a sense of belonging? Essentially, […]

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What are the advantages of a white label solution?

19 April 2021

Microtraining applications are extremely popular these days. They not only improve employees’ skills, but also increase productivity and job satisfaction. When the time comes to choose a microtraining product for your business, you can build one yourself or opt for a white label solution. What is a white label solution? A white label is a […]

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