Training with microlearning: 4 keys to success

10 November 2019

Microlearning is revolutionizing corporate training by allowing companies to break away from traditional methods. This flexible and affordable teaching tool, which consists in completing short daily training modules, is the solution to your employees’ learning challenges. Here’s why. 1. Outsmart the forgetting curve  From a very young age, we experience a phenomenon known as the […]

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mobile learning

Mobile learning: 10 advantages for your branding strategy

5 October 2019

Mobile learning is becoming increasingly popular in the business world. This training method, which consists in completing short modules on your smartphone, is equally beneficial for organizations and their employees. Here are 10 advantages of mobile learning for your branding strategy. Loyalty and commitment By employing techniques familiar to smartphone users (e.g., photos, videos, quizzes), mobile […]

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