Enable Open Communication

Build a company culture that prioritizes employee engagement by encouraging internal communication. 

Enable Open Communication

Connect Entire Teams Through Chat

Send messages, share updates and news, and instantly reach your team members wherever they are through secure and flexible messaging. 

Connect Entire Teams Through Chat
Create & Share Moments With Newsfeed

Create & Share Moments With Newsfeed

Share news and announcements with your team, department or entire company with a few clicks. 

Gather Employee Thoughts & Feedback

Foster workplace inclusion and collaboration by capturing and soliciting employee thoughts and feedback to ensure their voices are heard.

Gather Employee Thoughts & Feedback​
Your All-In-One

Employee Communication App

Allow employees to connect and interact with one another with direct messaging. Boost interaction levels by keeping everyone in the loop.  

Employee Communication App

Employee Engagement

Increase employee engagement by communicating with your entire workforce using a single platform.

Secure Conversations

Be assured and worry-free knowing that Albert operates and regularly maintains a highly secure environment.


Enhance employee experience by providing localized information in the workers’ native languages.

Seamless, Integrated, and Targeted Communication

Bring people together and connect with your entire team in real-time to ensure improved work performance and productivity. 

Chat With Your Team

Read new messages, view your chat history, and check in on everyone on your team.

Create Your Own Group

Form a team by selecting specific members, and start a conversation with the group.

Seamless, Integrated, and Targeted Communication

Master Business Communication

You can find a wealth of resources to help you develop your communication and engagement processes with Albert. You'll also find articles, guides, and more on our dedicated resources page.

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