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Albert gives you the tools to create real engagement with your team, from frontline to management, for better results.


Library & Knowledge

Make sure that everyone has what they need to operate efficiently, learn new skills, and do a great job. Empower your teams wherever they are!

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Make Content Exciting!

Share any content with specific target groups, single locations, or the entire team.

Robust & easy-to-use content management

Create and distribute content that is perfectly tailored to your organization’s goals. Choose pre-defined content types and actions.



Match content-type with employees’ interests to improve engagement, retention, and productivity.

Language selection

Select and distribute localized material and information in the employees’ native language.

Nested conditions

Provide or deny access based on multiple conditions, like location, time, and user role.


Prepare your internal content distribution in advance with scheduling options.


Push Notifications

Send alerts about triggered actions by phone notification.


Live feed

Browse, filter, and get instant access to all content directly on your mobile app feed. 

  • Brand content
  • Industry content
  • Dynamic content
  • Content performance

Employees as Ambassadors

Cultivate an involved workforce through employee content distribution which will increase employee engagement and improve their overall ability to represent your company as brand ambassadors.

Building a Smarter Workforce

Take your company to the next level with content creation by deepening your employees' knowledge of industry trends and communication, and having them acquire new skills. 

Our promise: 10 minutes per day, every day

Streamline employee engagement by using our content distribution format where different fields of expertise are covered using a bite-sized, high-frequency approach: 10 minutes per day, every day.

Real Time Response

Create content that matters. Our content performance dashboard provides real-time analytics and gives you a convenient overview of your content’s performance, as well as a management platform.

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You can find a wealth of resources to help you develop your employee engagement processes with Albert. You'll also find articles, guides, and more on our dedicated resources page.

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