The Employee Engagement Platform that will increase your bottom line

Albert is an engagement platform that helps managers connect, engage, and train their frontline employees with a single app.

Build a culture of communication

Say goodbye to intrusive and overwhelming SMS and email messages. Instead, use targeted notifications that reach the right people, no matter where they are.

Provide pocket learning for on-the-go employees.

Upskill your frontline teams with need-based learning that replaces costly and time-consuming training sessions. Create bite-sized, gamified training with quizzes and challenges that boost interaction levels and knowledge retention.

Albert Feature

Centralize knowledge with a single resource library.

Create an extensive knowledge hub with content in different languages and formats, allowing employees to access helpful articles, videos, and information about your company’s mission, products, and best practices wherever and whenever they need it.

Gain actionable insights into employee performance.

Measure employee performance by collecting key metrics on user behaviour. Leverage this information to provide valuable feedback, driving long-term growth.

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