Empowering hospitality employees.

Enhance your employee engagement with Albert, the training and communication companion for hospitality professionals.

Turn employees into advocates

With Albert, engage employees, increase productivity, and reduce the attrition rate across your organization.

We help human resource managers to provide hotel employees with tools for excellent customer service.

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Encourage Open Communication​

Ensure staff are all on the same page and can effectively deal with roster changes and guest requests using alerts, updates, chat groups, and discussion channels.

Onboard Your Team

Give new employees the tools and guidance they need to start performing at your company. With Albert, welcome your new employee with a structured series of onboarding steps and tasks.

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Engage and train your hospitality teams

Develop Effective Training

Build a single resource library to consolidate all training and onboarding materials necessary to upskill and track employee performances.

Coaching & Support

Let your best employees mentor others so that everyone can improve the skills needed to be successful in the workplace.

Manage your team's

Your personal dashboard where you can see the latest entries and add widgets.

Monitor and measure your team’s performance and encourage them to do their best.

Stay organized by managing all your business content in one place, along with post scheduling.

Manage user accounts, create groups and communities, and assign content access.

Add and manage your users and their preferences.

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Ease of Implementation

Sign up, download the app, and add your team members—and you're ready to go! No time-consuming setup is required.

Security & Privacy

We operate and constantly maintain a highly secure environment to make your experience worry-free.


Give your employees what they want: information tailored to their needs in their native language.

Hospitality Guide - Albert

How to boost hospitality employees with technology

Download our free guide and explore how technology can help you train, communicate, and engage with your hospitality employees more efficiently.

Designed and built for hotels just like yours.

Front Office

Train your front desk on reservation handling, complaint management, check-in/out, and more.


Communicate with your housekeepers and teach them effective cleaning techniques.

Food and Beverages

Understand the intricacies of restaurant management and customer service to provide the best experience possible.

Sales and Marketing

Train your marketing and sales staff to be more effective within the company guidelines.

Human Resource

Optimize your team's activity and other internal affairs with a place they can learn and collaborate.


Get an overview of your different teams' performances and lead your company's growth.

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