How to boost employee engagement with gamification

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What is gamification in the business world?

Gamification has been making a splash in the workplace. Many people have heard of it, but don’t really know what gamification can do or how it could benefit their employees and their company.

At its core in the business world, gamification is about increasing engagement in order to influence outcomes. People who participate in and engage with your gamification initiative learn the best way to interact with your company, its products, services, and brand.

The business value of gamification does not end with the participants. Engagement with game mechanics generates valuable data that can be used to influence platform utilization and performance goals. Every employee or customer interaction provides a better understanding of where a participant spends their time and what activities awaken their interest.

When a company wants to help its employees do a better job, it should help them set better goals. When the employees work to meet their goals, they become more motivated and do a better job.

4 Ways to Boost Employee Engagement With Gamification

Here’s how incorporating gamification elements into the workplace could transform your company.

Learning and Development

Gamification is an excellent way to teach existing employees new skills needed to succeed in the workplace. When employees use gamification in their learning, they are more willing to learn, grow, and develop a learning culture. Using Microlearning as training, which is short-burst learning, and incorporating quizzes at the end of their training. Incorporating quizzes or challenges to motivate and engage your employees will assist them in gauging their learning and identifying areas for improvement.

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Better Communication

We often forget that employees need regular communication with their coworkers and with their managers. Employees can interact through game mechanics because it encourages participation, provides challenges, promotes social interactions, and incentivizes performance.  In simple terms, it performs all of the functions of communication, but in an entertaining, engaging, and satisfying manner.

Managers can also gain a better understanding of their employees. Analyzing participation, monitoring engagement, and assessing the impact on behaviours and objectives can assist you in determining the best way to communicate and tweak the program forward.

Gamification is more effective than conventional communication tools such as email and chat and has a positive impact on employee communication because it helps establish transparency in interactions.

Connect with your team and enable open communication with Albert.

Real-Time Feedback

Feedback is essential for increasing employee engagement and gamification can help nurture a positive feedback environment. Employees want to know how well they are performing in games and real life. Gamified activities are an excellent way to provide feedback to employees while also making them feel valued. More importantly, it provides an accurate and transparent way for both employees and management to track performance.

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Encourages Healthy Competition

When individual employees are allowed to compete against one another in a fun way, the overall team performance improves. Having the ability to transform mundane repetitive tasks into interesting challenges fosters enthusiasm for work and fosters better team spirit. Competition amongst employees not only makes you work harder but also develops your ability to come up with better solutions.

Foster healthy competition within your workplace and create a company culture that your employees will love.


In order for gamification to be effective, a culture of change and innovation is required. Individual leadership and inspiration are required for sustained engagement. No amount of leaderboards or badges can save a company that refuses to change its legacy systems or make data-driven decisions.

Gamification is only one component of the puzzle. It’s a useful tool when used correctly, and to get the most out of it, it must be carefully integrated into your overall marketing strategy.


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