Microlearning: How to Boost Any Team Performance in 10 Minutes Per Day

Microlearning How to boost any team

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You don’t get high grades without studying for it. It’s very much true for employees too.

Learning and development are usually viewed as time-consuming and costly. When employees are not trained, their knowledge becomes obsolete and they lose their competitive edge. Learning is not only a company expense but also a significant investment for the future of the business. Microlearning is an excellent strategy for motivating both the company and its employees to work more efficiently.

In this article, we reveal to you how microlearning can benefit your organization.

What is Microlearning?

Did you know that by studying a new word each day, by the end of the year, you will have learned 365 words? That’s microlearning in action.

Nowadays, microlearning makes it possible to manage the learning process in an easy and integrated way, by taking advantage of technologies that can be adapted to each employee’s needs. Technology-based learning allows it to deliver in a short amount of time (1-10 minutes per day) and usually requires little work to support learners digest bite-sized skill training that could be fully integrated into the daily schedule of employees.

Microlearning could be delivered in the form of short videos, mini-lessons, apps, mobile apps, challenges, and games. Within a business, it can serve multiple functions such as reinforcing a brand message, helping train salespeople on new product launches, or onboarding new staff.

The better you structure your microlearning scenarios, the easier it is for learners to pay attention, remember, and apply what they’ve learned.

Could microlearning be an effective strategy for helping companies in achieving their learning and development goals? Here are just a few of the great benefits of microlearning.

What are the benefits of microlearning?

The Benefits of Microlearning

Easy Accessibility

These brief courses are typically designed for and delivered on a variety of devices like a smartphone. It will make it easier for organizations to train their modern learners by allowing them to do so with a single click. Smartphones encourage anytime, anywhere learning, and shorter courses ensure that modern learners are more likely to finish their training.

Knowledge Retention

Microlearning courses are intended to divide a large amount of information into small chunks of information that can stand on its own. With that being said, it helps learners in absorbing these minor details into long-term memory.

For example try to remember this phone number: 06004446686? How about this one: 0600 444 6686? It will be easier to retain information when it is breakdown.

Microlearning: phone number breakdown

Read on to find out more about how microlearning might help with employees’ short attention spans.

Increased Employee Engagement and Motivation

Nowadays, it is tough for organizations to keep their employees interested on a regular basis, but by generating content with a variety of media and interactive components via an app like Albert, the participant is kept engaged. Employees will find it more convenient to learn when organizations allow them to study at their own speed, creating a more customized learning environment that prevents boredom and minimizes distractions.

Learning Culture Support

A learning culture is a collection of organizational values and activities that promote the continuous improvement of job-related knowledge and expertise. Organizations that have a strong learning culture encourage their employees to constantly improve their abilities and share their knowledge.

A continuous learning culture is characterized by regular involvement with learning content. Microlearning is meant to be available on-demand and easy to distribute, making it an excellent tool for fostering a learning culture.

Saves Money and Time

One of the financial advantages of bite-sized learning is that it has a high return on investment. The cost of developing bite-sized courses is significantly lower than the cost of developing long-form training. it’s also true regarding time-saving. It speeds up the dissemination of information to the company. As a result, investing in an online learning management system like Albert will allow you to create and deploy information much faster than traditional learning methods.

How Companies Use Microlearning

Microlearning can be used to assess learner comprehension and increase learner engagement with content. These can be measured through a quiz or a game that encourages learners to apply their skills or knowledge in a fun way. The company will be able to see the results of its employees based on the ratings of game content. Furthermore, it improves the employee’s competitiveness.

Gamified content is one of most appreciated Albert’s features. With quizzes, challenges, healthy competition as well as a gamified profile Learning is made more enjoyable and engaging through a combination of technology and psychology.

How Companies Use Microlearning

Many of us will think that some of the gamified examples appear a little too playful at first glance; however, don’t let their non-business-like style discourage you from trying to incorporate gamified content into corporate learning. If your training and development programs aren’t inspiring your employees, perhaps it’s time to bring Albert into the picture.

Final Thoughts

Learning trends come and go, but only the most effective and valuable ones endure. It appears to be an excellent approach to modern workplace learning, much like Microlearning. It is efficient, engaging, and appealing to today’s learners.


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