Future-Proof Your Workforce With Mobile Training

Upskill your entire team from their smartphones with Albert’s online training solutions.

Mobile Training

Provide your employees access to just-in-time learning and need-based training via their mobile devices for them to achieve high performance at work in terms of problem-solving, specific task completion, and skill enhancement.

Designate and Track Employee Progress

Empower your teams no matter where they are. Easily organize, track, and manage your entire employee training program. Upload multiple contents, assign courses, and track each of your employees’ progress.

Fill Knowledge Gaps

Keep your employees up-to-date by employing bite-sized training. Set up highly interactive training modules, manuals, and cards to facilitate recall and encourage dynamic and high-frequency training.

Start to train on mobile with Albert

Personalize the training for each employee with Albert.

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Enable employees to take their learning materials with them as they actively go about their daily activities.

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Save on unnecessary training costs by utilizing a mobile training solution to facilitate training all-around.

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With mobile training, facilitate real-time feedback on your learners' progress to speed up training.

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Support employees to learn at their own pace without the pressure to complete a lesson immediately.

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Engage with your team, whether scattered, long-distance, or remote, no matter where they are.

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Allow employees to communicate with their peers with the ultimate goal of knowledge sharing.

Who is Albert for?

Albert is an m-learning solution designed for businesses with dispersed teams. Ideal for employee onboarding, continuous training, and employee engagement.


Professional Associations


Consulting and Service Companies


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Content Distribution

Create and distribute content that is tailored to your organization’s goals to ensure that everyone has what they need to operate efficiently. 


Get real-time insights on the behaviors of each employee in your company on their device, and engage them with real-time feedback.

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