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Albert just got a new facelift!

Today we’re excited to introduce Albert’s most radical redesign yet. Our team has tirelessly worked day and night to bring you the best user experience in years. We have completely redesigned the previous version of our mobile newsfeed and added lots of new features with the goal of switching to a more pleasant experience. We want Albert to be easy to use, and we’ve made it easier for users to access their content and for managers to create silos of information. Read the article to explore the news functions.

Fresh Layout

We’ve paid a lot of attention to design over the past few months.

Albert has always been a proponent of seamless, intuitive design. The past release provided an interactive experience for the user, but we felt it was too linear in structure. We wanted to open up the content so that readers could explore it at their own pace. With this new design, we have improved the experience in a lot of ways by providing users with more freedom. First of all, users will be able to see the content of the day, browse previous content, and access company libraries—which is perfect for satisfying that curiosity! Additionally, a cleaner layout will improve readability and make everything easier to find overall.

Search Function

Looking for a step-by-step guide on how to do certain tasks? A video to catch up on a demo you missed? Want to know the answer to a specific question? Albert has a brand new search function that allows you to find all the content you need in one place.

As people become more aware of what they are looking for and search for more targeted content, they are turning from a folder-by-folder search to a direct keyword search. Using a keyword matching algorithm, Albert will search through and suggest relevant and similar content to what you’re looking for by matching the keywords you select.


The Library feature allows you to organize your content into categories. You can therefore create a library for specific needs, such as training or product information. For example, you could have a library that teaches the company policy, and another one on a specific product category, or how to upsell your customers. The possibilities are endless and are only limited by your imagination.

Furthermore, libraries can be visible to the specific communities and team members you choose. Team members can therefore access content dedicated to their position, which improves their experience and reduces unnecessary cognitive load.

For You

Begin your mornings with For You, a bite-sized piece of content that is available for 24 hours every day. It will provide you with immediate knowledge and motivation to help you kickstart your workday. The goal of For You is to provide users with a daily dose of knowledge that is light and easy to consume, and that can be employed as a morning ritual. We also added the option to save the content inside one of the libraries even after the 24 hours passed. Every day, you’ll find something new in For You.

Community Posts

Use community posts to engage your team, a place where they can share knowledge such as success stories, tips, and challenges. This feature is ideal for getting people closer together while they work toward company goals and also their personal goals.

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