How Panerai used Albert to drive staff engagement and sales performance


How to increase staff engagement and sales performance in the luxury watch industry.

Luxury Retail

Watch Manufacturer

300 Sales Associates

16 Countries

Company Story

Officine Panerai is an Italian watchmaker that designs and manufactures its watches and movements in Neuchâtel, Switzerland, combining Italian design and history with Swiss watchmaking know-how.

It was founded in 1860 in Florence, where Giovanni Panerai, a businessman, craftsman, and innovator, opened the city’s first watchmaker’s shop. For many years, it supplied high-precision watches to the Italian Navy’s special diving units.

Executive Summary

The premium watchmaker incurs significant travel costs for employee training, meanwhile market updates are infrequent. Albert’s System is used by Panerai’s 300 sales associates in 16 countries, providing them with critical information and training on their smartphones.

From the moment Albert was implemented, Panerai now has an easily accessible content library with brand content in six languages for training people, which enhanced employee engagement and sales performance.


Boosting Business Performance Through Training

The luxury watch manufacturer has high travel costs for training employees and has irregular market updates, leaving employees unaware on what the market is going through.

Inadequate manpower to create content for the business, combined with an inefficient onboarding process, has resulted in a significant gap between the business and its customers.


The Answer to Maximizing Employee Engagement

Panerai uses Albert’s System to provide sales associates with critical information on their smartphones. It keeps sales associates up to date and allows them to provide a more personalized service to clients.

Panerai is also able to provide training materials for both sales associates and new hires’ onboarding process, as well as reduce the travel costs of sales associates, using Albert’s Microlearning solution.

Product used

Mobile Learning

Short, targeted training activities

Content distribution

Deliver content such as articles, quizzes and videos to your entire team


Localized information in the workers' native language


Albert Solutions To Achieve Timeless Employee Engagement

The company saved 70% of their travel expenses and kept 80% of their connection rate from the moment Albert was adopted. Daily market and brand content creation in six languages.

Have an easy-to-access content library for training employees and the new employee onboarding process, which helps increase employee engagement and sales performance.

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