How Saint Laurent used Albert to train 2000+ employees from 26 countries.


How to improve sales training in the luxury retail industry

Luxury Retail Fashion House

2000+ Sales Associates

26 countries

5 languages

Company story

Saint Laurent was founded by Yves Henri Donat Mathieu-Saint-Laurent. YSL is an abbreviation for both the house and its namesake designer, who was known for his exquisitely tailored women’s suits and is credited with inventing the first women’s tuxedo and was among the first to announce expansion from couture into ready-to-wear.

Saint Laurent’s collections now include ready-to-wear for both men and women, shoes, handbags, small leather goods, jewelry, scarves, ties, and eyewear.

Executive Summary

Before Albert’s system, Saint Laurent’s 2000+ employees from 26 countries were spending a lot of time gathering product information during physical training, and they weren’t retaining much of the information. Furthermore, it was difficult to deliver training in all locations and languages.

With Albert’s system, the company enabled microlearning: sales associates could learn about new selling rituals or any product details they needed in their language quickly and easily. Sales increased; now that each sales associate was prepared, there was no language barrier to hinder their ability to sell.


Upskill Sales Knowledge

Selling luxury is about exceeding customer expectations. It means delighting and surprising customers.

With hyper-informed clients, you need hyper-informed associates so that clients feel that their true desires have been met. The lack of training of the retail workforce caused the sales to miss critical product knowledge that helps increase their sales. 

During physical training, sales associates were gathering a lot of information resulting in poor retention. Furthermore, it was complicated to deliver physical training in time due to the different locations and languages to adopt.


Microlearning courses and multilingual content

Saint Laurent uses Albert to provide training materials and deliver content in five different languages to their teams across their retail team across the worlds.

With Albert’s system the company enabled microlearning, this allowed sales reps to quickly learn about new sellings rituals recommended by the headquarter, demonstrate styles of wearing new products, and promptly pick up any product details in their language.

Product used

Mobile Learning

Short, targeted training activities

Content distribution

Deliver content such as articles, quizzes and videos to your entire team.


Localized information in the workers' native language.


The Art of Selling Luxury to The Affluent

Saint Laurent saved time and money by using Albert’s microlearning solution. Sales increased, and the training was incorporated into each sales associate’s daily life, which eliminated the language barrier and hyper-informed the sales associates.

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