In light of recent events linked to Covid-19, companies have realised how paramount it is to:

  • communicate the right content at the right time,
  • keep everyone engaged when no one can travel or even go to work,
  • show their employees they are doing the right thing.

Your employees must get the right information, otherwise they don’t know what to do.

Since 2016, the Albert Mobile Strategy for corporate contents has proven to:

  • reach 100% of targeted users,
  • maintain outstanding global engagement over 70%.

Discover Albert in less than a minute here:

Often, messages are blurred in a mix of official news, social media and miscellaneous announcements.

Our mission is to make sure your employees get efficient access to the right information. You can read more about how we do it here.

To show our support, we have decided to offer
2-months free Albert Light and Pro (english only) to new eligible clients.

With this offer, your company can quickly regain control of communication and keep employee engaged. High impact, low cost.

When you start to communicate your messages in a way people love, you create engagement and stickiness.

Cherry on top: you increase attachment to your brand.

We have proven ability to engage and retain large populations of user throughout the world, and we want you to try and realise the power of efficient content distribution.

Our deployments timing is one of the fastest on the market: we can start making an impact in no time.

If you think we can help your company, send us an email at [email protected].

Antoine Vatar – Founder and CEO – Albert Technologies.
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